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Teacher or trainer – want to plan a lession or training to promote core skills ? Here´s some material to get started with: 

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Liiketalouden oppimisympäristöt muutoksessa. Suomen kauppaopettaja -lehti 2019

Fostering and Assessing Soft Skills of Engineering Students. By Redomero,  Caggiano, Poza Luján & Piccione. 2019

Soft Skills and European Labour market.
By Schleutker, Caggiano, Coluzzi & Poza Luján, 2018

Entrepreneurial skills – highly needed but not easily acquired? By Schleutker, Coluzzi & Amenundini, 2018

How to facilitate development of soft skills in business studies?  By Bastos, Schleutker, Azevedo, 2017

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