Project description and results

1. Search the current skills maps proposed by the universities and companies to determinate the most appropriate skills  characteristics useful for the other outputs. Analyze  skills and competence maps to detect skills clusters, outlines and other characteristics  related to these. The analysis will be based on quantitative and qualitative methods.
2.Determine how the analyzed skills will affect and enable the development of entrepreneurship in students.
3. Develop a standardized method to obtain indicators which allow companies to detect the most convenient skills to their employees. Method arises on an online survey or/and in a conducted interview with CEOs, HR staff and employees.
4. Create a questionnaire to obtain the R1.4


5. Used to create R 1.5

6. Propose a common framework supported by a research database of soft skills, related with the company’s’ dimensions of interest (job position, type of project, company branch and other factors).

7. Used to design the method and the skills boxes to be performed.

8. Use the “Common Framework Soft Skills Report” from O1 to be applied in Higher Education, in order to enable teachers and staff to assess students.

9. Use the “Common Framework Soft Skills Report” from O1 to be applied in companies and associated partners, in order to improve recruiting process and development actions of staff.

10. Used to create specific skills boxes to be experimented with students.

11. The result of the skill boxes are used as empowerment plan

12. Show how the individual background of the student can be used as an advantage. Make  students aware of the use and the usefulness of a portfolio/E-portfolio

13. Create a portfolio or E-portfolio that can be used to showcase the soft skills of the student and to complement his/her effort to obtain an adequate job

14. Make the students aware of the use and the advantages of a video CV; create a video CV that complements the traditional CV and showcases his/her soft skills. 



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