The origin of CoSki21

‘Skills gap’ is a common topic when discussing working life and graduates´ skills. It has been reported by e.g. McKinseys (2014), WEF (2015) and OECD (2016). In brief skills gap means that graduated should have more practice-oriented and social skills when asked from employers. These skills are called as 21. Century skills, soft skills and transversal skills.

In 2015  Dr. Jose Luis Poza Luján, Dr. Nuria Lloret Romero and Dr. Angeles Calduch from Universitat Politecnica de Valencia met with Kai Schleutker from Turku University of Applied Sciences, and started running a joined research project upon soft skills in the fields of business and ICT.   In 2016 two more universities of applied sciences joined, represented by Dr. Susana Bastos from ISCAP (Porto) and Willem Spee from HU (Utrecht). The group was completed in early 2017 by psychological expertise from WIN (Austria) and Integra (Slovenia), represented by Wolfgang Eisenreich and Sonja Bercko.

In July 2017 an Erasmus + Strategic Partnership funding was granted to the project Core Skills for 21. Century professionals for the period October 2017 to October 2019.


Pic: Research lay-out 2016

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